IDEP Foundation's Permaculture Trainings

For further details about any of the trainings you can download that training's flyer by clicking on the link under the training's description. Please note that flyers explain costs associated with trainings conducted on-site at your location. If you are interested in joining one of IDEP's public trainings at the Training Center in Ubud, Bali see training costs for details.

Introduction to Permaculture
Training Duration: 6 days
Covers the ethics and principles and basic practices of Permaculture sustainable community development. Includes Permaculture design and principles of sustainable agriculture; soil rehabilitation and composting; seed saving; integrated pest management; and community waste management. See more info...

Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture
Training Duration: 6 days
Covers the principles and basic practices of sustainable agriculture including organic farming. Includes developing sustainable farming techniques and designs; principles of integrated farming systems and intercropping; practical methods for natural weed and pest control; and Systems of Rice Intensification (SRI). See more info...

Community Permaculture Facilitation
Training Duration: 8 days
Builds Permaculture sustainable community development facilitation skills. Includes  methods, learning cycles, and considerations for women’s participation; using Permaculture media and facilitation tools; developing and using Permaculture program monitoring and evaluation tools; and designing effective community Permaculture facilitation plans. See more info...

Composting & Soil Rehabilitation
Training Duration: 4 days
Covers the principles and practices of composting and soil rehabilitation. Includes soil analysis and identifying nutrient deficiencies in soil; soil improvements, including legumes, mulching; and making natural fertilizers including quick compost heaps; worm and liquid compost. See more info...


Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Training Duration: 3 days
Covers the principles and practices of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Includes encouraging natural pest predators; companion plants for pest control; pest prevention with baits and traps; and making and using natural pesticide and fungicide sprays. See more info...

Seed Saving & Nursery Development
Training Duration: 5 days
Covers the basic principles and practices of Seed Saving and Nursery Development. How Seeds are Reproduced; problems of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), About Seed Saving; How to Save & Store Seeds; Well Designed Integrated Nurseries; Good Quality Potting Soil; Natural Potting Containers; Seed Propagation Techniques. See more info...

Permaculture Internships... (COMING SOON!) for more details

This is a great opportunity to deepen knowledge and skills related to Permaculture practices. By staying and volunteering at the IDEP National Training Center and Permaculture demonstration site participants can learn a wide range of Permaculture principles and practices. Contact IDEP to learn more about how to join the IDEP team as part of our Permaculture Internship program.