IDEP Foundation's Organizational Strengthening Trainings

For further details about any of the trainings you can download that training's flyer by clicking on the link under the training's description. Please note that flyers explain costs associated with trainings conducted on-site at your location. If you are interested in joining one of IDEP's public trainings at the Training Center in Ubud, Bali see training costs for details.

Decision Making & Risk Management
Training Duration: 5 days
Covers how to identify problem and challenges; how to define key objectives and appropriate changes; Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) analysis; planning and formulating strategic activities; and identifying and managing risks. See more info...

Proposal Development & Report Writing
Training Duration: 5 days
Covers principles of effective program planning; preparing and presenting background information; presenting plans and results in a concise and clear manner; Logical Framework Analysis; budgeting and financial reporting; standard proposal and report formats; and effective donor communications and negotiations. See more info...

Building Organizational Sustainability
Training Duration: 5 days
Includes organizational autonomy and sustainability; core funding strategies for NGOs; institutional budget development; strategic fundraising; how to manage donations appropriately; and strategies for increasing self-generated income. See more info...

Project Cycle Management
Training Duration: 3 days
Covers the principles and practices of managing projects in an efficient, strategic and systematic way. Includes approaches to project needs assessment; how to plan and map your project plans; tips for effective project implementation; monitoring techniques; project evaluating results; and applying lessons learned. See more info...

NGO Finance & Accountability
Training Duration: 5 days
Includes the principles of accountable financial management; system for internal control; standard operating procedures; financial management teamwork and responsibilities within the organization; developing and using chart of accounts; institutional and project budgeting; and financial systems and reporting. See more info...

Effective Community Facilitation
Training Duration: 4 days
Covers the principles and practices of effective community facilitation. Includes approaches to community organizing; increasing community participation; effective communication skills in the field; adult education; creating dynamic and effective learning spaces; participatory facilitation; participatory monitoring and evaluation; and community workshop team building techniques. See more info...