MA.01 Making Media for Advocacy - Print & Video Media Making

About IDEP’s media and public awareness works

One of Yayasan IDEP’s core competencies is the development of media and curricula for non-formal education and empowerment at the community level. IDEP is well recognized for developing accessible, community oriented print and audiovisual educational materials that are used by international, local and government organizations across Indonesia and worldwide. IDEP regularly works with other media makers sharing skills, knowledge and resources with the aim of strengthening the local resource pool of effective advocacy media makers in Indonesia.

IDEP trainings work - they provide participants with the skills they need to develop their own effective media on an ongoing basis

IDEP media trainings are intensive capacity building activities that:

  • Increase understanding about how media can influence knowledge and behavior
  • Increase understanding about how to harness the power of media for program implementation
  • Dramatically increase technical skills in developing high-production value print and audio visual media
  • Increase capacity for effective media project planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Increase capacity for effective media socialization

About this training

This intensive 21-day technical training covers the principles and practices of developing effective media design for community advocacy and public education. Includes opportunities to practice community advocacy facilitation in a local community on Bali.

This training’s modules include:

  • Media project planning, evaluation and reporting
  • Introduction to key print media design components
  • Designing effective banners and murals
  • Designing effective comics and illustrated fact sheets
  • Principles of effective documentary & advocacy films
  • Creating dynamic storyboards and scripts
  • Video shooting, lighting, sound and editing
Participants must have their own computers (with minimum 512mb of RAM, 4 gigabytes of hard drive space, 1 GHz Processor and WiFi) and video cameras to do this training. If they are not able to bring this equipment themselves it can be rented from IDEP. Rental fees will apply.

At the completion of this workshop, participants will:

  • The principles of effective media project planning, evaluation and reporting
  • How to develop effective advocacy programs with local communities
  • Able to design and develop effective media projects
  • Motivated to develop and use their own media in their programs and activities
  • Independent media design, development, filmmaking and distribution
  • Effective community media and advocacy activities

IDEP trainings provide you with

Expert trainers: IDEP’s Media and Advocacy team works directly with communities and NGO partners throughout the country. The team has assisted in capacity building Media and Advocacy programs in Bali, Java, Aceh, Mentawai, Nias, NTT, NTB, Central Sulawesi and East Timor. Our clients and training participants include the UN, SurfAid International, OXFAM GB, Mitra Bali, Flora and Fauna Indonesia, Yayasan Permakultur Aceh, FIRD NTB, Jambata and PMPB Kupang.

Effective training methodology: IDEP trainers use a range of tried and tested techniques, discussion groups, hands-on practice and teamwork activities. Participants should prepare documentation of their local program activities prior to joining the workshop. This will help to ensure that the training focuses on contexts that are relevant to their work.

Comprehensive reference materials: IDEP publishes a comprehensive media design and filmmaking self-help toolkit. This kit includes: A print and community media design handbook, a film making manual, and a media resources DVD with documentary films, media making resources and educational public awareness campaign materials.

As part of this training each participant will receive Indonesian versions
of the following materials for use in their areas.

  • ‘Make Media that Works’ self-help handbook for making advocacy media
  • ‘Let’s Make Video’ practical handbook for video and photography
  • Media and Advocacy Resources DVD Rom
Materials received at time of registering at the training location.

Click here to go to a page with a slide show of excerpts of
these materials.Media & Advocacy Related Resources


At the completion of the training, participants that have successfully completed 90% or more of the entire course will receive a certificate of participation for the training.

Training costs

For trainings held at the IDEP Training Center the training costs per participant includes:
  • The workshop training fees
  • Resources and training materials provided
  • Accommodation cost in shared room facilities
  • Snacks, tea and coffee during break times
  • 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
For training costs details for all IDEP training please see the IDEP training costs page. Please note: IDEP sponsors three subsidized positions for community participants at each workshop conducted. Where an organization wishes to book out an entire training (minimum 15 places), discounts may apply. Contact us for more details.

For training held on-location at your site, you cover costs for

  • The workshop training fees
  • Costs for IDEP's trainers to travel to and from your location
  • Accommodation and food costs for IDEP trainer's while on site
  • Resources and training materials provided
  • All local costs for training location, participants' food, travel and accommodation as needed

Click here to download a complete flyer with the training application form and more detailed information about this training.

Place and time of the training

For scheduled events of this workshop at the IDEP Training Center in Ubud Bali please go to the schedule of trainings page. For all trainings held at the IDEP Training Center participants will be provided accommodation in simple shared room facilities.

To make an inquiry about hosting this training in your area, contact us to discuss options.

Who this training is for

NGOs, professionals and individuals. By participating in this training you will build skills to design effective print and audio visual media. This training will build your capacity to plan, design, create and implement your own media projects in a sustainable way.

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