IDEP Foundation's Disaster Risk Reduction & 'Learnscapes' Education Trainings

For further details about any of the trainings you can download that training's flyer by clicking on the link under the training's description. Please note that flyers explain costs associated with trainings conducted on-site at your location. If you are interested in joining one of IDEP's public trainings at the Training Center in Ubud, Bali see training costs for details.

Sustainable Development Education

Training Duration: 6 days
Covers Sustainable Development Education (SDE) planning and teaching methods; how to use the SDE media and teaching tools; increasing environmental, nutrition and sanitation awareness at school; waste management and community clean up activities; and making organic school gardens. See more info...

Disaster Risk Reduction Education
Training Duration: 6 days
Covers the principles and basic practices of primary school level Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Education. Includes DRR education planning and teaching methods; how to use the disaster risk reduction education media and teaching tools; increasing disaster management practices at school; and conducting disaster risk reduction and preparedness activities at schools. See more info...

Education Program Design & Facilitation
Training Duration: 4 days
Covers primary school level SDE and DRR education program design and facilitation. Includes field research, stakeholder consultation; SDE/DRR education program design; creating curriculums and lesson plans for local needs; preparing the resources needed to implement lessons; and developing and using appropriate monitoring and evaluation tools. See more info...