How IDEP helps people respond to disasters

Since the Bali Bombings in 2002, IDEP has been helping local communities and volunteers to learn how to manage disasters. IDEP delivers public education and programs for so people can better prepare for, respond to and recover from natural and man made disasters. Have a look at some of our disaster management work:


IDEP trainings and educational tools help communities be prepared for disasters so that they can reduce loss of lives and loss of resources if a disaster strikes. We teach simple and practical methods for community risk reduction including: risk mapping, community responses, erosion control and waste management

Watch a film that shows IDEP disaster management training in communities


IDEP works with and through a national network of partners who respond quickly and effectively when disasters occur. We deliver effective and culturally appropriate assistance which helps keep people in their communities, so they can start recovering as soon as possible. IDEP has a modest emergency fund which we use to immediately channel help during the times of greatest need.

Watch a film that shows IDEP disaster response to the West Sumatra 2009 Quake


IDEP delivers tools, trainings and educational materials for earthquake resistant structures, and teaches permaculture to disaster struck communities while distributing of self propagating seeds, rehabilitating damaged soil, and assisting communities with coastal management and planting and re-establishing community and household food security.

Watch a film that shows IDEP community recovery work in post Tsunami Aceh

How IDEP directly responds in times of emergency in Indonesia