IDEP responds to the Mentawai Tsunami and Javanese Volcano Tragedies 2010

A lot of help is still needed!


What’s the situation now? (Updated 3 Dec 2010)

Over one month has passed after the disasters in Mentawai and Merapi hit, and the people of those affected regions are still struggling to find normalcy in their lives. In this time, people and organizations from around the world have reached out to help support with funds, goods and services, and donations-in-kind. It is truly inspiring to see people coming together to overcome such devastating events, we hope this unity and support will continue as the emergency relief begins to shift into the long-term recovery phases of rebuilding homes, families, schools, and livelihood.

What IDEP is doing? (Updated 3 Dec 2010)

          In Mentawai:

Our IDEP Emergency Response team has been operating out of Padang, West Sumatra to coordinate the logistics for sending aid to the Mentawai islands since the tsunami hit on October 25, 2010. In close cooperation with Lumbung Derma, a coalition of local NGOS, aid has been delivered to the targeted villages of Moanai, Tumalei, and Sigogoa. Despite challenging weather and sea conditions, the distribution has been successful in delivering aid buckets, basic building tools, construction material, and IDEP fact sheets.  KPM Ambu-Ambu, a commercial vessel sailing the 12-hour journey from Padang to Sikakap, Mentawai every Tuesday, brought our aid to the main city in the Mentawais, and from there speed boats were used to bring the aid to the harder-to-reach villages. 

The aid is then brought to the shores of the beach and met by villagers who have descended from their hillside displacement camps, located just beyond the remains of their flattened seaside settlements. The team works with the village leaders to coordinate the fair distribution and transport of aid to each family that awaits at the end of a long muddy, uphill climb back to camp. Villagers, young and old, assist in carrying the aid using wicker baskets. 

Many IDEP fact sheets and activity books were given to school children hungry for some stimulating activity.

Volunteer teachers educated the kids about disaster, through games and coloring, and brought smiles to their faces, soothing their trauma with humor and fun. As it happens in the field, these children will then go on to tell their parents, who are mostly illiterate, about what they learned and spread disaster-preparedness knowledge across generations.

Total current spending for the Mentawai Emergency Response efforts is IDR 151,634,260, a detailed list of expenses and donations are being accounted for by our team. We thank of donors for their amazing help, and we also emphasis that this is just the beginning. More support is needed to ensure a effective recovery; one that focus on preventative actions and disaster risk reduction.

In Merapi:

Meanwhile in Central Java, Mount Merapi continues to threaten the surrounding areas with further eruption. Since the first eruption on October 27, over 300,000 people have been displaced, losing their homes, farmland and livestock to a heavy layer of volcanic ash. IDEP is still focusing to help the displaced people in the districts of Boyolali, Magelang, and Klaten, specifically in the villages of Tlogolele, Ketep, and Balerante respectively. Some villagers have started to return home, however all their belongings have been left in ruin.

In these areas, IDEP has worked alongside community emergency response groups to advocate for support from the District Governments to provide more aid to the evacuees.

Through community and government facilitation, IDEP's advocacy has been progressing in a positive direction.  Just recently the IDEP ER team facilitated a meeting between the village leaders of Boyolali and made an action plan with recovery scenarios, the plan resulted in more aid and government support.  On December 1st, the Pemkab Boyolali sent 3 tons of riches, sugar, eggs and instant noodles. Also, the Boyolali Education Department set up a temporary school tent for kids.

Ongoing aid for basic needs have been and will continue to be delivered to these affected communities. After conducting a needs assessment, the IDEP team and volunteers are organizing the next round of purchasing and distribution logistics using support from IDEP donors of  IDR 120,000,000, which will total our Merapi spending to IDR 151,634,260.

As in the Mentawais, as soon as IDEP has the funding, we hope to swiftly shift into the crucial recovery phase to build back better than before and implement disaster risk reduction and education.

 A lot of help is still needed for recovery


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    Thank You! 

A huge THANK YOU is extended to our global network of supporters.
People from both Indonesia and around the world have helped to raise money and spread the word. We are thankful to see all these creative ways people are fundraising or providing donations-in-kind:

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The road to recovery continues for these affected communities, let's keep helping them to help themselves rebuild their lives.

How you can help

Please help us to help the people of Mentawai Islands and Central Java in this terribly difficult time. Whatever help is provided will be immediately converted to assistance on the ground. We especially need help with basic supplies for shelter, food, water and fuel costs, which make aid delivery expensive for this relief effort. Thank you for your generous support in this urgent time of need. 

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